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Daily Fees Zeekoepan Safaris 2019
Daily Rate

Dangerous game & all Bird Hunting.


1 Client : 1 P.H. - each

2 Clients : 1 P.H. - each Hunter $330
Nocturnal specie hunt: Fair split by group

Non Hunter or Pre-Booked non-hunting days & all travelling days without hunting


Non Hunting Children 3 – 10 years


Daily Rate Includes

• Government tax @ 14% on all daily fees & services on Zeekoepan.

• Fees are charged for daily activities and will include the night in-between in a hunting camp of Zeekoepan’s choice.

• Full accommodation and meals during the hunting safari in our camp at Zeekoepan River Lodge.

• Meals en route, while on safari with us.

• Daily laundry service Monday – Saturday.

• Limited amounts of standard alcoholic drinks, such as beer and table wines, are included in daily rates. Donated hunts: None Included

• Extra beer & wine, hard liquor, or special requests charged per bottle seal broken.

• Full time Professional Hunter (PH) / Safari Guide, PRO and full camp staff of 10 members.

• Hunting vehicles.

• Field preparation of antelope / plains game trophies.

• Transportation of trophies to Zululand Taxidermy is included. They can be highly recommended for excellent work and they arrange all the exporting.

Excluded From Daily Rates Or Other Prices

• Travelling to/from the airports (Richards Bay FREE, Durban $300 and Johannesburg $400) and long distance driving (500km+).

• Long distance driving POR if necessary (500km+).

• Any accommodation not in the hunting lodge, before, during or after the hunt, will be additionally charged at cost price. This is an important note for photo safaris and Johannesburg pick-ups. We travel the Johannesburg road only during daylight hours due to road conditions.

• Hiring of firearms ($25 per day / €17.50 ) & ammunition at cost per packet.

• Leopard baits at running meat price, non-trophy.

• Disinfecting, packing, exporting of trophies is done by a very capable, local taxidermy. They can recommend a shipping agent, or use the shipping agent of your own choice.

• Government tax @ 14% on all non-export commodities such as wounded animals, animals you decide not to export any part of & services not included in daily fees.

• Gratuities (tips) to all staff such as trackers, skinners, camp cooks, and domestic servants. Recommended collectively @ very minimum of $15 (€10) per hunting and non-hunting client per day. People usually give more.

• Gratuities to the freelance Professional Hunter (PH-tips). We can advise you on this according to each individual hunt.

• Any unforeseen expenses or additional requests not covered above

Trophy Fees - Zeekoepan Safaris 2019
(All unlisted prices on request)
 Make reservation at Zeekoepan Hunting Safaris Africa

TROPHY PRICE: Z = Zeekoepan & C = Concession
Z or C USD
Cape Buffalo From Z/C $13000
Blesbuck   Z/C $425
Bushbuck, Cape   Z $1250
Bushpig (Nocturnal) Z $750
Duiker, Grey   C $400
Duiker, Red   Z $1250
Eland, Cape (Quota) C $3150
Giraffe (Permit 3 weeks) Z/C $3250
Hartebeest, Red   C $1550

Impala, Southern

  Z $450
Jackal (Nocturnal) Z $300
Kudu, Greater   Z $3150
Kudu, Greater + 55"   Z $4500
Nyala, Female   C $1000
Nyala, Male   Z $2850
Nyala, Male + 30"   Z $4500
Oryx (quota restricted)   C $2500
Porcupine (Nocturnal) Z $175
Reedbuck, Common   C $1350
Reedbuck, Mountain   C $1000
Springbuck (KZN quota)   C $600
Warthog   Z $475
Waterbuck   Z/C $2850
* Wildebeest, Black   C $1500
Wildebeest, Blue   Z $1200
Zebra, Burchell's   Z $1200

Tropies requiring special permits:

Crocodile Z/C POR
Hippo Z/C POR
Elephant under 30lbs Z/C $4000 + $ 750 per lbs
Elephant over 30lbs Z/C $5000 + $ 750 per lbs
Lion Z/C POR
Rhino, White Z/C POR
• Annual updates of prices and information are available on:

• Any animals not listed, including "Big 5"-safaris are custom arranged mainly by trophy size and hunting area and then quoted on request.

• Hunting licences for most antelope are included.

• Special permits (*) not included. Application: 6 weeks prior to the hunt.

• Nocturnal species are limited to a quota. Success can’t be guaranteed.

• Trophy charges payable on animals actually bagged OR wounded and lost.


Hunting Areas

Zeekoepan is located in the North Eastern region of South Africa, just south of Mozambique and Swaziland. This is the most highly populated game area in South Africa due to the high carrying capacity of the vegetation.

We mainly concentrate on hunting in this area. Good representative to excellent hunting trophies are taken each year from our hunting concessions in this area. Mature animals, at the end of their life span, are preferably hunted.

Although our camp is situated in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, we conduct hunts in other parts of South Africa according to the habitat the specie favours.

Trophy Hunting Safaris Africa

Trophy Hunting Africa

Bird Hunting

bird hunting trophy africa

Plains Game Hunting: Blesbuck, White

plains game trophy hunting africa blesbuck

Bush Game Hunting: Bushbuck Cape

Trophy Hunting Africa Bushbuck

Bush & Plains Game Hunting: Bushpig

Trophy Hunting Africa Bushpig

Bush & Plains Game Hunting: Caracal

Trophy Hunting Africa Caracal

Bush & Plains Game Hunting: Duiker, Grey

Trophy Hunting Africa Duiker

Bush Game Hunting:
Duiker, Red

Trophy Hunting Africa Duiker

Plains Game Hunting:
Eland, Cape

Trophy Hunting Africa Eland

Special Game Hunting:

Trophy Hunting Africa Giraffe

Plains Game Hunting:
Hartebeest, Red

Trophy Hunting Africa Hartebeest

Bush Game Hunting:

Trophy Hunting Africa Nyala

Firearms in the .300 range
and above

Trophy Hunting Africa Big Five

Bird Hunting Safaris

Trophy Hunting Africa Bird Hunting

Bow Hunting:
Blue Wildebeest

Trophy Hunting Africa Wildebeest

Bow Hunting:
Permanent Blinds

Trophy Hunting Africa Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting:

Trophy Hunting Africa  Impala

Trophy or Package Hunt:
Blesbuck, Common

Trophy Hunting Africa Blesbuck

Trophy or Package Hunt:

Trophy Hunting Africa Impala

Trophy or Package Hunt:

Trophy Hunting Africa Kudu

Trophy or Package Hunt:
Nyala Females

Trophy Hunting Africa  Nyala

Trophy or Package Hunt:

Trophy Hunting Africa Ostrich

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