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KwaZulu Natal is one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa.
We are very fortunate at Zeekoepan to be situated in the northern parts of KZN, where the Elephant Coast region and the well-known Zululand region meet. Wonderful wildlife, rich historical heritage, the Zulu culture and the best scuba diving from unspoiled beaches, surround us.
The following can be reached from Zeekoepan in a daytrip, to return to your own bed at Zeekoepan, in the evening. However, if guest are on a photographic safari, it is recommended to sleep over at various facilities on the way. Please enquire about each custom planned activity or tours from zeekupan@lantic.nett
Jozini Dam - Fishing & Cruises

Jozini Dam
Fishing for Tiger Fish is done from mid-September to mid-April in Jozini dam. However, game viewing from the water’s side offers an interesting angle of the African wildlife. It is the best opportunity to see hippo and crocs from a closer distance. The dryer winter season is ideal for this Sunday picnic activity.

Tembe Elephant Park

Tembe Elephant Park
Tembe Elephant Park, (need 4x4 vehicle) is well known for its elephant as well as a variety of wildlife and excellent buffalo.
It has the most wonderful photographic opportunities at the waterholes.

Pongola Poort

Pongola Poort Dam

On the way to Sodwana, Tembe or Kosi Bay visit the picturesque dam wall of South Africa's 3rd largest dam, Pongola Poort, also better known to locals as Jozini dam.

Kosi Bay

Zeekoepan is the ideal stopover on the way to Kosi Bay and border post to Ponta D'Oura in Mozambique as well as the southern border posts of Swaziland

Mkuze River Fising

big five hunting africa
Relax for the day on Zeekoepan. Apart from the wildlife on Zeekoepan, some fishing can be done in the Mkuze river that meanders through the property.

Ithala Nature Park

Ithala Nature Park
Ithala Nature Park (60km) offers beautiful scenery, game and excellent Sunday buffet lunches.

Mkuze Game Reserves

Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve

Mkuze Game Reserve (100km) is well known for their excellent photographic possibilities at waterholes in the dryer winter months.

Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve

Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve (180km) is a "Big 5" reserve with excellent meals and accommodation that could be included in an extended Elephant Coast and Zululand tour. Pre-booking is essential.

Ilala Weavers

Ilala weavers

A visit to Hluhluwe's Ilala Weavers for curios will be worth your while. Ilala Weavers products are known worldwide. They can also export your purchases all over the world. Ilala Weavers also have better prices than most street vendors do. Time permitting this stop is usually combined with a Richards Bay Airport trip as this is closer to the airport.

Bivane Dam

Bivane Dam
One could go fishing, water skiing and have boat fun on the crocodile- and hippo free Bivane dam (80km).

Ntendeka forest

Ntendeka forest

The more physically fit person can take a hike in the Ntendeka forest at Ngome. The full route is 20km (12,5 miles) long, but shorter routes can be taken through this wilderness heritage site.

Ndumu Game Reserve

Ndumu Game Reserve
Next to Tembe, is Ndumu Game Reserve, (need 4x4 vehicle) well known for birdlife, crocodiles, hippos and the most beautiful Wild Fig trees and Fever trees with their unusual lime green bark.


The unspoiled beach at Sodwana Bay (150km via Jozini) offers the best scuba diving in South African waters. A 4x4 will be handy for beach driving - vehicles are allowed to park on the first 300m of the beach.

Cape Vidal - St. Lucia

Cape Vidal - St.Lucia
Visit North Coast resorts such as the beach at Cape Vidal (200km from Zeekoepan) and the coastal town of St Lucia – a declared World Wildlife Heritage Site.


For the keen historians, the battlefields route starts 120km from us and it is possible to visit Blood River, Isandlwana, Rorkes Drift, and with ease, the Prince Imperial's Grave (son of Napoleon Bonaparte), within such a trip.

Exclusive Photographic Reserves

Zeekoepan is part of an International award-winning Big 5 reserve. This reserve offers outstanding facilities and photographic opportunities. Non-hunters can go on exclusive game drives if they do not wish to accompany the hunters. We can arrange for you to stay over a night or two and be treated as royalty. Pre-booking is essential.

The recently opened Amakhosi River Spa is a winner with the ladies and everyone who needs a little pampering. This spa is 10 minutes’ drive from Zeekoepan River Lodge. Other Reserves



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