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An Introduction to Zeekoepan African Hunting Safaris

A trophy hunting safari in South Africa is an experience African hunting safari dreams are made of. Willem and Amanda Basson started Zeekoepan African hunting safaris in January 1987. Since then, every hunter has been very special to us in his or her own unique way at Zeekoepan African hunting safaris.

Our African hunting safaris include the full spectrum of people hunting Africa – from princes to the man on the street, from experienced hunters featured in publications such as “Trophy Rooms of the World” to first time hunters, from the very old to the very young . . . We would like to make your stay and hunt with us, a very memorable one!

South Africa is located at the Southernmost tip of the African continent, where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic. South Africa has long been a special destination for safari hunters from around the world. South Africa's diverse species, ease of travel, and modern amenities all make it the perfect destination for today's safari hunters.

South Africa has the most modern airline/airport system on the African continent. This makes travel to South Africa for a hunting safari quite convenient. South Africa has it all. From big cities to a beautiful countryside.

South Africa is currently the safest hunting area in Southern Africa and Africa. Accommodation is of very high standard, bordering luxury, and assures the comfort of the hunter and the observer.

Hunters are assured of receiving their trophies after the hunt, and this brings peace of mind to all clients.

South Africa is disease free and no inoculations are needed when visiting South Africa. Our African safari trophy hunting area is malaria free and this is very comforting as well to all visitors.

The terrain in South Africa can vary from the Kalahari desert in the Northern Cape to rolling hills, large mountains, and deep canyons in the Eastern Cape region in the South. On the East Coast of Southern Africa, KwaZulu-Natal offers some of the best hunting in South Africa and has the densest game population in South Africa.

Zeekoepan African hunting safaris’ main base camp is its luxury hunting lodge and chalets located, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, where the areas known as the Elephant Coast meets Zululand. This is in the north eastern region of South Africa just south of Mozambique and Swaziland.

This is the most highly populated natural wildlife area in South Africa due to the high carrying capacity of the vegetation. Our African safari trophy hunting area is the natural home to the magnificent Big 6 : Elephant, Lion, Cape Buffalo, White Rhino, Leopard & Hippo – as well as the very popular Nyala and the small Red Duiker, a member of the “Small 5”. Northern KwaZulu-Natal has over 30 huntable species of game. Although Zeekoepan is home to the Big 5 and bush game species, plains game can be hunted within an hour or two’s drive from Zeekoepan offering the safari hunter a great opportunity to take multiple species on one safari.


Bush Species Hunted On A Hunting Safari In South Africa

Zeekoepan is part of a vast privately owned Big 5 dangerous game area. Hunting in a vast true BIG 5 area is a very rare and special opportunity that can be claimed by less than 1% hunting areas of South Africa.. It is also a thrilling experience for the observers who may accompany the hunters and only shoot with the camera.

We mainly concentrate on Cape Buffalo and Bush Game antelope trophy hunting safaris in the densely wooded bushveld on Zeekoepan. Apart from the very popular and mysterious Cape Buffalo we hunt for Cape Bushbuck, Bushpig (Aug to Oct), Grey Duiker, Red Duiker, Giraffe, Southern Impala, Jackal, Greater Kudu, Nyala Female, Nyala Male (excellent trophies), Porcupine, Warthog, Waterbuck, Blue Wildebeest & Burchell's Zebra and many others, including the Big 5.

We hunt Zeekoepan for Cape Buffalo, White Rhino, Lion, Elephant and Leopard from time to time. All of these species are subject to annual availability of quotas and permits We are in a unique position to have ALL of the BIG 5 for hunting on the same privately owned, well managed wilderness area.

Plains Game Species Hunted On A Hunting Safari In South Africa

Plains game trophy hunting is done on concessions just over an hour to 3.5 hour's drive from Zeekoepan on the higher lying, more open plains. Blesbuck, White Blesbuck, Cape Eland, Red Hartebeest, Common Reedbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Springbuck, Steenbuck, Waterbuck, Black Wildebeest amongst others are hunted on the plains.

Good representative to excellent hunting trophies are taken each year from the trophy hunting concessions in our areas. Mature animals, at the end of their life span, are preferably hunted on an African hunting safari. Although our camp is situated in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, we conduct trophy hunts in other parts of South Africa according to the habitat the particular specie favours.

Bow Hunting Safari In South Africa

Bow hunting or Archery hunting is also done on Zeekoepan. Zeekoepan has 5 permanent bow blinds at different waterholes, as well as moveable tree stands and -blinds. Many keen and experienced bow hunters have proven their archery skills to be very successful on Zeekoepan hunting for on Cape Bushbuck, Bushpig, Grey Duiker, Red Duiker, Southern Implala, Jackal, Greater Kudu, Nyala Female, Nyala Male, Ostrich, Warthog, Blue Wildebeest, Burchell's Zebra.

Big Five Hunted On A Hunting Safari In South Africa

The Big Five have been feared and admired since the first European hunters set foot in Africa. Today big game safaris commonly known as Big Five safaris for Buffalo, White Rhino, Lion, Elephant and Leopard remain the ultimate safari for most hunters. Each hunter has his own views on which of the great animals present the most challenging hunt. All Big Five Safaris are custom planned according to the hunter’s specific requirements. Although we have the BIG 5, the actual hunt takes place in any area of South Africa where we find the best deal in the interest of the client.

We do not hunt Zeekoepan alone, but also our immediate surrounding hunting concession where we also hunt for Cape Buffalo from the largest privately owned herd in South Africa. White Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Hippo & Nile Crocodile are hunted either on Zeekoepan or where we find the best deal for the hunter.
This way Lion hunts in the Kalahari are very popular. The drive to the area is 12 to14 hours and charter flights are highly recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Zeekoepan is part of a vast privately owned Big 5 dangerous game area, the province of KwaZulu-Natal where Zeekoepan is located, have limited permits and quotas to the Big 5.

Contact Us For Custom Planned Big Five Hunting



Zeekoepan River Lodge & Chalets are situated in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, on the banks of the Mkuze River. This is where the areas known as the Elephant Coast and the famous Zululand meet. These luxurious fully catered, private units nestle in the shade of huge White Stinkwood trees (Celtis Africana), and Umbrella Thorn trees (Acacia Tortillis). The evening get together is either at the Lodge or at the Boma where the camp fire and sounds of lions roaring, will enhance your African Safari. We promise the greatest hospitality and luxury accommodation at our lodge and chalets.

More info – Location

More info – Accommodation

Accommodation at Zeekoepan River Lodge & Chalets

Zeekoepan River Lodge & Chalets are centrally situated between varieties of popular holiday destinations. This makes Zeekoepan a popular main base on photographic safaris or a combination of African trophy hunting safari and photographic safari. More info – Photographic Safaris

The pool, "lapha" (campfire and barbecue area) and river view deck with superb game viewing late afternoon and early mornings, are popular outside attractions at the main lodge. More info - Accommodation

See Cape Bushbuck, Cheetah, Grey Duiker, Red Duiker, Giraffe, Southern Impala, Jackal, Greater Kudu, Nyala, Common Reedbuck, Warthog, Waterbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Burchell's Zebra come down for a drink in the heat of an African day.

Spot some of the more than 300 bird species that occur in the area. Enjoy the roar of a distant lion amongst the sounds of the bush around the campfire at night.

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Trophy Hunting Big Game:

Trophy Hunting Big Game

Trophy Hunting Big Game:

Trophy Hunting Big Game

"Zeekoe" Means Hippo in Dutch.
Hippo is one of the Big Six

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Big Five Hunting Elephant

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Big Five Hunting Lion

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